Manage the flow of information or pause a request mid-stream to adjust the prompt


Response times may vary depending on the size or complexity of the request. As a result, a pattern has emerged and is quickly standardizing to let a user control the output.

The most common control is the stop icon, which allows users to pause a request mid-fetch. We might presume that there is a business case here to reserve server time for requests that people want to make. From a UX perspective, this saves the user time by allowing them to stop and re-set their prompt if they are not getting the results they expected.

The fast forward button allows users to continue their request if it times out. The use most frequently seen here is where a model might return up to a certain amount of information, presumably to once again save server processing time. For example, if a user asks for 100 blog posts titles, the model might return 20, leaving it up to the user to click the next button in order to retrieve the final 80. There's a parallel here to the “Are you still watching?” prompt you might get after a few hours binging Netflix.

The play button is used to represent that a request is ready to run. It is interchangeable with a paper airplane or sparkles.



Remain consistent
Users may get frustrated if the stop a prompt and start it again expecting to get a similar result. Variances can cause the second response to be quite different than the first, which is confusing.

⏹️ ChatGPT popularized the use of the stop symbol to let a user end a result before it is done
⏹️ Umso lets you stop a site generation mid-run
⏹️ Adobe Acrobat combines a loading visual with the clear action to "stop"
⏹️ Midjourney (Discord) allows you to cancel a job. This is especially useful in this type of environment, where each job takes X number of hours that the user pays for ahead of time
⏹️ Grammarly also combines the affordances of progress with the stop icon
⏹️ Jasper puts its controls front and center, along with a hot key
⏹️ Another stop icon by Julius
⏩ For longer results, Chat GPT will pause generation unless the user prompts it to continue
⏩ Hypotenuse prompts the user to continue generating their content after the initial run
⏩ Notion also gives the user the option to keep generating content. This is placed alongside options to remix.
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