How will patterns and experiences evolve in a world shaped by Artificial Intelligence?

AI is accelerating change. Companies are reacting by “doing AI”without prioritizing the experience of the people on the receiving end–Design is more important than ever. To respond, we must get smart, fast. This starts with understanding the emerging patterns of interaction, affordances, and heuristics in an AI world. The pages below are summaries of the current state. Things are moving fast. Get involved!

AI Interaction patterns


Help users identify and distinguish AI features and content

Color scheme

Visual cues to help users identify AI features of content


Images that convey the form the AI takes in a product


How do we refer to the AI?


Give clues to help users understand how the AI works and how to work with it


Alert users to actions they can take to use AI in their existing tools


Solves the blank canvas dilemma with clues for how to prompt


Structured templates that can be filled by the user or pre-filled by the AI


Different ways that users can generate results with AI

Auto Fill

Makes it easy for users to extend a prompt to multiple inputs at once

Open chat

Open ended prompt inputs that can be used in conversations or to tune results

Remix / Blend

Combine prompts with each other or other sources to get new results


Distill or reorganize complicated information into simple structure


Tools to refine your prompt or the results to get more predictable outputs

Filters / Parameters

Let users define constraints to improve the quality of their results

Model management

Let users specify what model to use for their prompts

Personal voice

Ensure outputs match your voice, tone, and preferences in a consistent way

Trust indicators

Let users control the response and assess its accuracy


Inform users about shortcomings or risk in the model or the technology overall


Manage the flow of information or pause a request mid-stream to adjust the prompt


Signal expectation gaps or errors in the model – but is that clear to the user?


Give users the ability to trace the relationships between sources and results

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